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One issue is that when it's first turned on it needs to receive a data message specifying details of the satellite orbit. The data link is very low bandwidth (50 bits/sec), so it takes 18 seconds for a complete message and it only repeats once every 30 seconds. If anything interrupts the signal then the unit has to wait for another repetition. When you're standing still in a reasonably clear area then the process shouldn't take too long - less then 30 seconds after it locks onto the satellite signal. But if you're moving then there are likely to be moments where the signal is blocked (by your body, by a tree, a building, etc.) and then it has to wait for the next repitition and try again. So if you're having an issue with this it really helps to turn the unit on and leave it sitting in a good location while you get other things ready for your ride.

But if the OP's unit is taking much longer now than it used to then it may well be defective. Try calling Garmin's customer service number and see if they'll authorize an exchange or repair.
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