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Originally Posted by carleton View Post
1) As you've stated, your saddle is too high. Cut the seat mast and use the excess tubing to make 10mm and 5mm shims to fine tune the height. Your saddle height for the TT position will likely be slightly lower than when in the drops.
I still have some play in the clamp height, I can lower it more.

Originally Posted by carleton View Post
2) Your hands are too far forward. Your aerobars cannot extend more than 5cm in front of the front axle. This is only important if you are racing a USA Cycling event where they will perform bike checks.
I wasn't aware of this. Good to know! I suppose my position there might be a more suitable triathlon position (they tend to be more forward on the saddle though).

Originally Posted by carleton View Post
3) I think your bike is too small. At a normally proportioned 5'11", you should probably be on a 57 or maybe a 58cm top tube bike, definitely not a 54cm.
This confirms what I'm thinking. I just wanted to hear it from someone else

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