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Originally Posted by Transformer View Post
Depends on the IGH. I had a Nexus 3 that was very simple to remove. I now have a Nexus 8 that's so cumbersome I don't even bother trying to change a rear tube on the road.
I have a Nexus 8 on my DaHon Curve SL and I've fixed 4 flats on the road . . . so far (Marathon Racer tyres with Mr.Tuffy's) and while it was a major pain the first time, experience has been such a good teacher that now it's not any more trouble than changing a tube on a derailluer equipped bike.

As noted above the 2 mm Allen wrench (I use a chopped off DT spoke (14g = 2 mm) plus I've painted the little nub where the spoke goes bright yellow (yeah, my flats usually happen in the dark) so it's easier to find. Anyway, good advice above! Shift into 1st gear, insert Allen wch (or spoke) to relieve tension, cable end/nut pops out. Same procedure in reverse to re-install.

My wheels/tyres are 16" x 1.5, so their tinyness presents some awkwardness (as compared to working with "full - size" wheel/tyres), but the shift cable is (was) the fiddly bit. Now, not so much.

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