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Keen Commuter SPD shoes ... (soon to be) made in the USA

James Curleigh, CEO of the Portland, Ore.-based footwear company Keen, [redacted because this isn't P&R]. In 2010, Curleigh opened a workboot factory in Portland; today it employs 30 people. Keen still produces most of its shoes in Asia, but Curleigh says starting to manufacture in the U.S. was a big step.

Keen makes shoes, and they're starting to bring their production to Oregon. Among the reasons they list is a marketing advantage; they think their customers will prefer to buy locally made products, given a choice.

If you were in the market for a pair of bike shoes, would this sway you toward Keens?

I've had a pair of Keen Commuters for a few years. They're not as comfortable (off the bike) as regular sandals, but they're very comfortable for bike shoes, which makes them acceptable for walking around the office. They're also nice for riding my bike to Magnuson Park for a swim, where there are lots of rocks and pedals to step on; the shoes protect the bottoms of my beet, and they're fine in the water and on the ride home. They make other SPD-compatible shoes, styled for being wearable in the office, and I'm not trying to shill for the company, but explaining why I think this is worthy of the commuting forum.

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