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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
Yes. That's the part I redacted from the quote. I figured as soon as that came up, this would turn into a thread about politics. And I guess the question is slightly, unavoidably political. But Keen is a company that makes some SPD shoes and sees bike commuters as some of their customers worth courting ... so I'm curious if their move to "insource" some of their shoe production is something people in the 20 will appreciate.
There are a number of reasons apparel manufacturers are moving production to US. Some of them are economic: it's not that much more expensive (often, it's less expensive) for the products that are being made her. Some of them are speed: If I order something from China, even if it's made instantly, it's going to spend a month in transit to the US. Being able to deliver goods quickly is a huge advantage. Some of it is quality, some of it is communications. All together, US apparel manufacturing is up something like 14% over the last year.
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