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I can't believe I'm doing this...

but I'm thinking of ordering something from BD with drop bars even

Mind you, the last time I rode anything with drops was an old 'Flying O' store brand 10 (2x5) speed some 25+ years ago.

As far as budget goes, it sucks when shopping for a roadie (~$600). The local CL is chock full of people asking full retail for BSOs, the wrong size. or just too much. One LBS does carry KHS and they've got two models that are at the upper limit- Flite 220 and 223.

That being said, and though I'm typically a staunch supporter of buying from the LBS, the price points that BD offers are quite alluring.

Frame material isn't a huge concern, nor what kind of shifter, or component level a bike is spec'd with. What I need help with are picking the brakes- I want something that has actual stopping power and not just a gradual reduction in speed.

And the geometry has to be less aggressive and more upright. Before I got my bike back in '08, the Opthamologist cleared me to ride*- so long as it wasn't on a drop bar. Mind you, I believe the TdF was airing back then, so he may have assumed that all road bikes have such aggressive geometries. And my wife was present in the room when he made this statement . So I'd have to get his blessing before I can get hers.

So, if you were in the market for an entry level roadie after riding around on a slightly too large, but still rideable Kona Smoke for the last couple of years, what would catch your eye- keeping in mind that the brakes have to offer real stopping power?

*FWIW, I have glaucoma and was pronounced legally blind. It was my idea to start riding again as a means to try and avoid Type 2 Diabetes (my mom has it) and he readily agreed.
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