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Originally Posted by metabike View Post
I work with a hardcore conservative talk-radio/Fox News kinda guy, and every flipping snow event or cold snap will say, "I love this global warming stuff." Now when we're having 60's in January and I say, "Must be that global warming stuff, huh?", he gives me stat's about how the average temperature over the last 40 years is actually down, blah, blah, blah and other facts "that everyone knows." Just a real life example of the anti-science, neo-Dark Ages approach to life that is so prevalent among both the right & left (e.g. the whole Occupy movement's ignorance about how capitalism works).
People will tunnel-view the particular facts that favor their bias. I'll leave it at that.

That said, I wasn't complaining on Friday as I walked the dogs in shorts and t-shirt. If I were in WI, I would be one crabby SOB. What a useless winter. Hopefully 2012-2013's winter will be more 'normal', whatever that is. I have considered getting some of these roller skis to satisfy my need to crash.
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