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2 Wheels > 4
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Your first statement has a big generalization. We do not all look down on people who ride to work out of necessity. Though I know some here do, I say high to everyone from full kitted roadie to the kid on his BMX. As my moniker says 2 wheels are >4, including motorcycles yes I wave to them as well, and ride one to. Of course I also will ride in a full team kit that my son gave me as a Christmas present for the team he rides on though I do not race. I to ride my 1988 Schwinn with work boots on when I commute in the winter. Sometimes I wear Jeans as well so depending on what day someone sees me riding I fall into both the categories you mentioned and all in between. But I am glad to see you would be saying howdy either way which I believe is your point.
I agree on lack of parking for Bicycles this would go along way to keep people from complaining. You try the best you can to park it securely and out of the way, yet always seems to be in someone’s way or at least gives complainers something to complain about.
Sorry to hear about your LBS because having a good one or in my case a Very Good LBS is truly a wonderful thing. My LBS is more than willing to work on any bike, give advice and answer questions when you want to do the repairs yourself, and even offer up ideas that I am sure would be frowned upon at some “Boutique” type shops. I have even brought in parts I have bought off CL and he has installed them for me without jacking up the price. Like I said I am very fortunate when it comes to LBS.
Have Fun Ride Safe
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