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Originally Posted by tjspiel View Post
Just thought we needed something new to argue about.
Well, I am a happy user of a foldable Snap-It helmet by Motorika. My wife envied it so much that I had to get one for her. For me, that helmet is a perfect addition to a foldable bike. It is easier to pack into a suitcase than a regular helmet - for the latter I need to invent some special protection and I already have enough hassle with the surge in various items I need to carry along with the bike. My wife combines a ride by bike with municipal transit and it is easier for her to take a folded helmet along. Indeed the folded helmet is not particularly compact, but is still easier to stash into luggage and its folded shape makes the helmet generally more resilient within the luggage.

As to the level of protection, Motorika is practically a regular helmet cut into slices that can be placed within each other. There is a compromise in the shape that it ends up being a half-sphere. With some velcroed foams it fits reasonably well. Still regarding comfort I'd prefer one of my other helmets. Regarding protection, I do not think it is worse than one or two of my other helmets. The best protection is provided by my skiing helmet, but I do not wear it during summer - always some compromise there.
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