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I have the Ciclosport 414 Alti, which is near the top of their line of bike computers. It has most of the bike-related features of the HAC4, just no HRM. It does all the usual stuff, plus has an altimeter (and related info), temperature, and cadance ability. The company is German, located near Munich, and they make a range of altimeters, heart rate monitors, and bike computers.

I only have a few thousand km on it so far, but I have been pleased. It is rugged and reliable in all areas that count. I got it in part because I wanted the cadence and altitude features.

The cadence monitor requires that you use wires instead of the wireless feature. And you have to buy the cadence set extra. (Both statements true for the HAC 4, I believe.) But, if your friend doesn't need cadence, then the wireless is a nice feature.

The altimeter is cool, too, since it provides an incline meter and a total of the meters climbed during a ride. The altimeter and temperature are accurate

My only complaint about the unit is that it sometimes gives bogus maximum descent incline readings--I know my routes don't reach the over 20% decline it sometimes reports. But, all other readings are accurate. (The problem likely comes from some curious mix of changes in atmospheric pressure and stopping the bike fast, or something like that.)

The one thing that the 414 lacks in comparison to the HAC4 is the memory feature and the computer interface, so I can't comment on those.

I would definitely recommend their units. I would have gotten a HAC4 when I got my 414, but I didn't know it existed at the time.


P.S. In reference to the previous post, I do not find the 414 hard or complicated to use at all--but, I don't know if the HAC4 is different in this respect. The fact is, it has a lot of features, which requires a pretty detailed interface.

One advantage of the Ciclosport is that you can change the batteries yourself. I believe with Polar HRMs, you have to send them in and it is pricey.

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