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I find that for Craigslist, you have to be fairly patient. My friend recently bought a 2010 Marin Muirwoods 29er for $300 in like new condition but he probably waited 3 or 4 months until one came up. He was really picky though and he had to wait for the correct model and size to appear. Guess he knew what he wanted.

As far as the type of bike, I don't know that a road bike is a huge benefit, but you should ride what you think is most comfortable for you. In SF, you stopping every 300 to 500 ft in many parts. I've rode down Market street a few times around 5-6pm and it's a menagerie any bike you can think of. Old, new, road, mountain, hybrid, mixte, and even recumbent.

If you haven't rode bikes in quite some time, you should keep your options open. If your friends have bikes, maybe you can convince them to let you test them if they have a road bike.

The thing about a road bike is that they tend to be geared higher which means you can go faster, but hills will be more difficult to climb. If you want to tow a trailer up a hill (even a small one) it might not be the best choice. You can change the gears out on the crank and back wheel, but there are limits on how much you can change things up and it does cost money. For example, you can put a mountain bike gear cassette on the back wheel but the derailleur on a road bike may not work well if at all.

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