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I ride FM 1314 from Porter to Conroe (336) and to 105
Also ride 59 as far as Shepherd
Be careful at FM2090 intersection where 512 exits (Splendora) the frontage road there is not a berm on the north side. It is a concrete ditch and forces you into the traffic lane also vehicles treat you like a target there. Take a good look before crossing the 512 exit (512 has no berm)

FM 1010 narrow

FM 2025 from Cleveland to Coldspring

FM 150 from Shepherd to Coldspring

FM 222 from Shepherd to Coldspring

Daw Collins road narrow but quiet

Old 105 ruff

105 from Conroe to Cleveland OK

Morgan Cemetery Rd. OK

Fostoria road not much berm and traffic

FM 1485 Good berm

FM 3083 Good berm

FM 2090 OK berm

Stay off Crockett Martin

Stay off Old Houston between FM 2090 and Hwy 242

Traffic patterns have changed on route 242 and many areas have very little berm
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