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Originally Posted by DnvrFox View Post
It is snowing heavily and I am bored, so here is a controversial topic to wake folks up a bit.

I frequently see Yoga espoused by folks as practically the answer to all of life's problems (or at least some of them).

Is that true?...
Yoga does not work for me, as my body does not, in any way, respond. My PT says I am naturally "tight" - she has been unable to loosen me up, despite daily stretching.

Actually, I detest Yoga.

So, to liven up a snowy cold morning . . .
I am with you on this. I too am extremely tight and nothing has made a difference. Interestingly, just this morning my wife (who likes yoga) and I went to a new spinning/yoga class at the gym - 45 minutes of spinning followed by 45 minutes of yoga. I stayed for the yoga session this morning to appease the wife but I did not enjoy it and will skip it if we go again. Probably worth pointing out that my extreme tightness has been lifelong and hasn't interfered with life activities. I played roller hockey into my late 50s, ski (snow and water) snowboard, windsurf, scuba, walk and ride. Never had an injury I would attribute to my lack of flexibility although I suspect I would have been a lousy stunt man or special ops soldier.
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