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Originally Posted by nashvillwill View Post
Gear range is a big consideration depending upon point A and B. Outer Richmond=few gears, Mission=medium range, Nob Hill= many gears.

Also, I would recommend staying away from drop bars in the city. Keep your head up! A hybrid should serve you well. 35-38 tires.

Also, if you plan to use BART or MUNI a folder might be in order, although I BART every day with a full sized frame.
I dunno how much you ride in Outer Richmond, but it's definitely NOT flat. The area bounded by the ocean, 34th Ave and Cabrillo is one big hill. The apex is around 43rd and Clement. Venturing into this area, you definitely need more than a few gears. My 28-32 gear combination is a must in this area. The elevation change going from Anza to Geary is around 70 ft once the Avenues get into the 40s. This is greater than 10% grade. Not as steep as Nob, Russian, or Telegraph Hills, but not the easiest ride either.
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