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Originally Posted by a1penguin View Post
Steel and rain and humidity. I can smell the rust now. I lived in NC for nine years.

You are not going to want to put drop bars on a bike with suspension. There's a thread here about converting to drop bars; it's not cheap to make this conversion. You don't need suspension to ride packed cinder trails. The 7.2 is a popular choice. There are lots of threads in this section that ask about bikes. Perhaps you could review them, find some additional choices and then ask for opinions.

Cyclocross comes to mind as being a possibility. But during my shopping foray I discovered that cyclocross bikes are pretty expensive. If you are mechanically adept, there are some bikes on that people seem to like. I think the Motobecane Fantom has some fans. You could try searching for "fantom", which would only match the bike (unless people can't spell well).

Perhaps converting can be pretty inexpensive as I found this conversion info. Of course, it depends on what you have and what you want. I generally don't know what shifter goes with what derailleur, etc.
I totally agree 90% with A1Penguin!

That handlebar conversion is more than just a walk in the park. It can get quite expensive, too. If you want a CX bike, then just wait and get what you really want!


A1Penguin, just temporarily lost it when commenting on chromoly steel. It wasn't said while sober, trust me!

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