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Originally Posted by Ripcurlsurfin96 View Post
Hello All,

I have done my research and as with others it has been an overwhelming amount of information. I have also gone to many different local bike shops and have gotten different opinions as to why their bikes are the best.

I think I have narrowed it down to these below. I am looking for a bike that I can eventually put drop bars on, ride some packed cinder roads in the parks, and ride on the road as well. Can you all please tell me if I am in the right direction or completely off

I like the idea of the lockout for the front fork. Is their any harm in having that locked and riding on the road or is it better just to get a front fork with no suspension.

As you can also see my price range is in the 600 dollar range. (The specialized bike is 659 on close out for a 2011 model)
Thanks again!!!
I live pretty close to Raleigh NC, and have shopped at the Bike Chain often, the two stores that I go to to the most, never have recalled seeing a TREK bike in stock. This Bike shop carrys a much larger inventory, and will normally work a better deal : ) same area. they have a much larger inventory on there bikes in stock, and seem to be willing to work out a better deal. Your riding style does not seem to warrant front suspension on the bike, it is just extra weight, and very pricey for decent forks, also it does not appear that disk brakes is also something that would really need to come into play in your choice, ( find them to have no better stopping power, unless something comes between the rim and the pads, like MUD, SNOW, SAND, ETC... so your money could be spent on other components. Now on the drop thing, WOW, that is a different topic, and the least expensive ones that I have test rode have been at the Bike Chain a few years ago, and started off at 1200.00 dollars on Cycle Cross Bikes, plus they did not feel good, neither worth there money. Now REI in Cary has this bike in stock, in 2 sizes (17 1/2 ") and a (20 1/2") , and they bury it on there web-site but it is there. ( LOL) nice component mix for the price range. But were back to not really needing disk brakes, and then the drop conversion later ? You have not mentioned your size, but you might want to try something like this just to get an idea of what works for you. Order it site to store, I will come assemble it for you for a StarBucks frappuccino and a thank you. Link : you will not have to much invested, and always have 90 days to get your money back. Here are the bike specs as listed : GMC Men's Road Bike, Denali 700C:
  • Frame: Strong, lightweight aluminum frame with aerodynamic tubing
  • Frame size: 22.5" (57.5cm)
  • Handlebars: Road race-style drop handlebars
  • Gearing: 21-speed Shimano drive train with easy-twist shifting
  • Brakes: Powerful alloy side-pull caliper brakes
  • Wheels: High-profile aero alloy wheels with machined braking surface
  • Tires: 700 x 32c tires for smooth ride and low-rolling resistance
  • Seat: Comfortable Vitesse seat and secure twin bolt seat post collar on the GMC men's road bike
I bought the Schwinn Varsity last night the store, adjusted it in the parking lot. (almost 2 hours), and could not be more happy ! Except it is pouring down rain here this morning and wanting to go riding. You are throwing out there so many idea's, this is the best I could come up with, just so you can try something out for a while, with NO money at risk. Hope this helps , Richard
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