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Originally Posted by NOS88 View Post
It's been several years since I've changed batteries. I wish it were not the case, but for some reason, I go through bike computers faster than a box of facial tissues. It seems that of the four bikes that have computers on them, none is more than two years old. I lost one that was stolen while the bike was securely locked and I was using a restroom along an MUP, I lost one when the bike was on the roof rack for a 200+ mile trip. I dropped one when taking if off to switch handlebars, and it broke. I took two of them off and gave them to my sons who were riding without them. I wish I was just changing batteries; it would be SO much less expensive.
Ah Ha! I am not alone. That has been my track record for the past few years. Cold fingers dropping the computer and having to replace it.
I had one TREK computer die on me when I rode the cobbles down at Shawmont. Electronics tech I know told me about circuit board failures in copier/printers where the boards no longer use lead solder for the connections. The new solder tends to give brittle joints that are easily cracked by vibration. My last TREK Trip computer lasted two months of cold weather biking. Replaced it with a TOPEAK Panoram V12.
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