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Why discuss this at all? We all know that journalists write and say what they want to, and often they report on things they know nothing about. The chick with the bad hair said lights missing on the trailer. If you read under the window before looking at the wideo it said "A South Bend man pulled over for not having the proper lights on his bicycle and the cart he was pulling turned into a mobile meth lab bust late Thursday night."

The sentence is not correct as far as I can tell and therefor not really telling us what the journalist is trying to say. I have more than once experienced that journalists often have zero knowledge about technical stuff and in trying to explain what happened they mess it up big time.

I remember once after an accident where a man got his leg trapped in an Auger conveyor (transportscrew in my language) and the journalist was going to call it a "machine screw". He was frustrated becouse I wanted him to read out loud for me what he was going to write before I allowed him to quote what I told him about the accident. He would have completely messed up the story and then write I told him so.

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