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Originally Posted by SuncoastChad View Post
First: I am not trying to get a fight going.
Second: I am a "new" member but old of age and commuting experience.

1. I live in a great area to commute on a bicycle. However, few white collar folks do. I work about 6 mile from home. I have bike lanes on the major roads near home and a great cross county feeder to a new north-south trail currently under construction. Nearly everyone I meet is either walking the dog or it's "Fred". "Fred" is of course the rider "we" look down on for wearing jeans and sneaker and riding a Walmart $79 special on his way to/from his 1st/2nd/3rd minimum wage job. That attitude has to stop before "we" can have any sane discussion. WTF does the quality of a dude's ride have to do with riding to/from work?

2. Businesses in this area (mine included) suck when it comes to providing amenities for bicycle (or walking) commuters. My office does have a locker room and shower. But, the ENTIRE business park has zero (0), zip, nada, bicycle parking. I got puked on last week for "parking" my bike behind the potted plants in the lobby of my building. I guess it's better to lock it to a directional sign outside.

3. I love discussions about supporting the local bike shop (LBS). I'd love to but mine all suck. Attitude, attitude, attitude!....

So, I'll admit I ride with attitude. I say howdy to "Fred". I have my own tools and I'll buy from Bikes Direct, thank you very much. I'll go to the LBS when I absolutely have to and expect no help. Make you want to cry now and then.

In a perfect world I'd have a bike locker or at least a covered bike rack at work. I'd stop buy the LBS for tubes and talk about scheduling a "tune up" next weekend without getting attitude about my simple cheap ride. I'd see lots of "suits" on the way to and from work, going to the ball park (I pass a really nice Phillie's farm team park on the way to work ON THE TRAIL!!!), shopping, etc.
No fight, Chad, I get it.

1. I see the type of 'Fred' you describe almost daily, and the only issue I have with them is when they don't return my greet. (NOTE: the quality of the ride only matters when the guy is 6'6", and riding a $79 BMX poser -- LOL! Seen that, too!)

2. My town has, over the last couple years, gotten a LOT better about bike racks outside stores; before then, it was a hit/miss about taking the bike inside, or having a street sign to lock to.

3. 5 bike shops in town, done business with 2, would go back to 1, but my needs from them are small. I buy frames and parts, and build up my own, so what can they do for me?

I guess SOMEbody has to buy from BD; I made that mistake once.....

My world, bike-wise, is pretty close to perfect; my bike goes in the building with me when I ride to work, with management's blessing. Suits on bikes? Not here.....
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