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Here's my take on the LBS thing. A lot of bike mechanics are a bit lacking when it comes to retail skills. They'd rather be working on bikes than dealing with the public. I've also found that many of them will warm up to regulars eventually. There are plenty of exceptions so don't give up on them completely.

The majority of commuters I see wear jeans or other type of street clothes and probably don't pay too much attention to what other people ride. There's also not a lot of waving and greetings amongst the commuters. I consider this a good thing actually. It's not that I'm against being friendly but it's really not a big deal to see somebody else on a bike.

I might strike up a conversation with another cyclist stopped at an intersection but probably not, - and that is OK too. I don't often strike up conversations when I'm standing on a street corner with one or more other people while waiting for a light to change. Why should I feel compelled to do that if I'm on a bike?

Personally when it comes to bike commuting I really don't have a lot to complain about and I do live in one of those places where it gets cold and snowy.

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