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I feel your pain. I really dislike all my local LBSs, all they've done is mess up any bike project I was foolish enough to give them, ..and loose my orders for parts (that I could have ordered easily on-line). Frankly, I know more than most of them about bikes, and that's a very scary realization. If you are in the market for a $6K CF bike they love you, otherwise, forgettaboutit. The national chains (like Performance) are moving in and displacing them, and no tears from me. They dug their own graves.

I commute on a 40 year old ten speed. I don't have to, I have some 10 bikes..a few lightweight wunders. I enjoy the ole skool commute bike, works great under an hour each each way. I am fortuneate that my office building loves me because I don't take up a parking place, so I have safe covered parking indoors. It does mean I don't wear a suit the office, but I've gotten creative about bike wear/office wear hybrids - and I have my own business. No helmet, no clipless shoes, no spandex...just a maverick I guess. Cycling briefs are a great invention.

I have two personal cars as well, a big sports truck and a german luxury sedan befitting my age and stature. Good for rain days, and dressy days. It's cool I rarely put gas in them and they get about 2K miles a year of my driving. They get oil changes due to time, not miles. I ride my bikes for errands and to the gym as well. My neighbors think that I'm a nut.

So, that's the reality I've created and it's been working fine for years. Yes to "Fred", probably yes to "Retro-Grouch" and "Lone Wolf", but I'm not trading my lifestyle for anyones.

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