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Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun View Post
The spacers have some 'extrusions" on them from being compressed and not allowing the cogs to fit quite as closely together as they should.
This would have a cumulative effect, with each progressively smaller cog getting further out of place.
IF so, take a file and knock of the high spots.

Many cassettes have little knobs or splines so everything "fits" together as one solid piece when it's put together correctly. If these are sticking out the cassette will have the wrong spacing and it won't shift correctly. I imagine this is an attempt to make the cassette more rigid and spread out the load between the cogs so the freehub bodies don't get cut into. On steel Shimano Freehub bodies this is not an issue.

Edit: Hillrider is correct, Hyperglide cassettes cannot be mounted backwards. Only the old Uniglide cogs/freehubs had this ability.

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