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Anyone actually use Aerolab in Golden Cheetah?

I have been working on adding a feature to Golden Cheetah's Aerolab that will automatically adjust CdA, Crr, etc to best fit the VE profile, instead of having to fiddle with sliders until it "looks right." I've been giving it intervals from my rides, and it works well in the sense that it can usually find reasonable-looking values. However, since these are just from random rides, they have a pretty wide spread (not surprising).

So, I am wondering if anyone has a set of ride data that was controlled enough to see, say, differences in CdA or Crr vs changing position or tire pressure using manually fitting sliders. I'd like to compare the manually found values to what my fitting routine says. I'm also curious if the whole virtual elevation concept works well enough to measure CdA/Crr with any precision.
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