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Originally Posted by canyoneagle View Post
whooooah. That vid made me tense up. Studs would have helped tremendously, but the proximity to traffic is still a bit unnerving - studs might give YOU better traction, but as those tire tracks (that you point out) confirm, there is no telling what the cars will do.
Yeah, I'm almost always advocating studs, but honestly if that's the first time in 5 years you've had those conditions I wouldn't get studs - I would move to the sidewalk when that rarely happens (and ride slower, and look around more at intersections when those conditions did happen), and honestly - call a cab or something if the weather is (rarely) that bad. The thing is that while studs would give you better traction, and that would definitely be a problem, even more of a problem are the cars behind you that lose traction. :-(
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