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Setting aside data that supports that helmets for cyclists aren't statistically such a panacea ( Ok, I'm sure to hear all the specific anecdotes now!!) What would be real nice and probably a compromise for form, fit, and function would be an inflatable helmet. It would probably work once, which is all the diligent users are content with (and the helmet industry give as a reason to buy a new one). It would obviously pack small, uninflated. It would satisfy the same neener-neener second-guessing pedestrians that tap dance in front of cyclists. And it would help keep bike share programs from being so scrutinized by overjealous safety jerks. Here in DC there's all these studies and inane observations, but head injuries are very rare with like 12 percent helmet usage; in arguably the worst traffic in the USA!!!

If you search a bit there is compelling data that debunk the helmet myth: maybe there is some benefit to the image of wearing a helmet, tho.
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