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Originally Posted by climber7 View Post
i can sometimes get it to fit for a small portion of a ride but never for the whole thing. i'm guessing that's largely a result of wind, but do any of you guys actually get good matches for entire rides just by adjusting the Crr/CdA sliders?
Depends what you mean by "good." I can quickly scroll through a bunch of rides and often tell from the Aerolab profile which route I was riding without looking at the notes page.

However, remember that VE doesn't take into account brake usage, either. It's best for segments of rides where you know you held your position, you didn't use your brakes, and there wasn't any wind. That's one of the reasons why the v3.0 implementation is better -- you can zoom into a part of the ride and ignore the parts where you know those conditions don't apply.
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