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Women's racing, etc

Should this go in the 217?

Anyway, the whole Pat McQuaid / Giorgia Bronzini / Chloe Hosking fracas...

I dunno, ladies. From my view it's just economics.

At the amateur level it's about entry fees and field sizes. Get more ladies to show up to races, you'll have bigger prize lists, and promoters will be more likely to listen to your ideas about courses and categories. As long as the Women Open field has fewer racers than the Junior 14's, you're going to have comparable prize lists.

At the pro level, it's about demographics and eyeballs. In this case, what sells? Personalities. Stories. Controversy, and (sad reality) sex sells. Sure, results, too.

But I don't buy into the line of argument offered by some lady racers that goes "we are pros so therefore we should get paid the same". By that logic, the $15k dreamer guy racing US domestic NRC should get paid the same as Boonen. That's just silly. You get paid based on your value to the sponsors. Want more money? Attract more positive attention to your brand(s).

Flame on.

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