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Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
Again. Because I'm a man, that makes my opinion invalid?
did you fail your logic class in college? all i said was that just because there's only one female member here doesn't mean that the OP would be preaching to choir.

there has been two logical fallacies in just three posts. Maybe you ought to work on debate and rhetorical skills before you post.

Originally Posted by Creakyknees View Post
Also again: I have no problem with pro women wanting a minimum salary. Heck, I would also like one. But nobody's going to offer me one because the ROI just is not there. Show me the money.
last time I checked, the Republic of Texas ceased to exist somewhere in the 1800's and is part of the union. As such, federal minimum wage laws are in effect, and employers are mandated to pay you at least that amount.

[sarcasm]Unless, of course, you are intimating that you are an illegal immigrant, in which case, gtfo and stop stealing our jobs [/sarcasm]

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