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Women in sport get paid exactly what they're worth in terms of marketing dollars. This is no different than men. Men get paid more to ride bikes because they're seen by more eyes and they're more adept at helping the sponsors market their product.

Incidentally, who was the highest paid Indycar driver last year? Danica Patrick. Why? It wasn't because she was the fastest or best driver. It's because she was the best at product marketing. Indycar racing is primarily a male sport, but there were 3 women on last year's grid. One of them is faster than Danica and one is slower. It doesn't matter. Neither has the ability to sell like she does. Ultimately, that is where your bread is buttered.

It's nice to want a minimum salary, but it would probably backfire. It would probably mean less sponsorship in women's racing (by setting a relatively high minimum buy-in) and it would also probably reduce the field sizes. When you reduce the field sizes, you'll reduce the purse. So women right now that get products, travel and entry money would not necessarily get all this plus a stipend. They may very well get nothing.
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