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Originally Posted by Fat Boy View Post
It's nice to want a minimum salary, but it would probably backfire. It would probably mean less sponsorship in women's racing (by setting a relatively high minimum buy-in) and it would also probably reduce the field sizes. When you reduce the field sizes, you'll reduce the purse. So women right now that get products, travel and entry money would not necessarily get all this plus a stipend. They may very well get nothing.
Agree with most of what you said regarding sponsorship, except for the point re: minimum salary. I don't think it'll back fire any more so than with pro-continental team. I mean, other than Skils (now 1t4l or whatever they are called), EuropeCar, and Cofidis, how many can you name? i can actually think of quite a few more, but they are obscure. Actually here's a challenge: someone (without looking up anything) name more pro-conti teams than what I have below (see below).

Back on point: if female pro racers want a minimum salary, it should apply to only certain tiers (note to op, i've not previously mentioned my opinion of minimum salary in cycling, only what was said and the fallacy in your statement). Pro Conti teams have guaranteed salary, but the Conti teams don't. The minimum salary is probably also going to be less than what's mandated for Pro Conti teams just as female basketball players are paid less than male basketball players. The Giro Donne is a very poorly attended event, even in the mountain stages. If you look up videos of Emma Pooley's win, you'll see there were spectators only in the last 500m.

PS, for s*** and giggles, list of Pro-Conti teams.

Italy: Acqua & Sapone, Miche-Guercotti (mostly in a bad light as they signed three dopers), Danquivani Androni Giacotolli (or whatever they are called), Neri-ISD, Colnago-CSF
France: EuropeCar, Cofidis, can't think of anything else, but I think there are more
Belgium: Topsport-Vlaanderen, Virendas-Willem
Netherlands: 1t4l
U.S.: Type 1 - Sanofi, United Health Care,
Canada: Spidertech p/b C10
Germany: NetApps
Poland: some team, don't know what
China: Champion System
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