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Originally Posted by echappist View Post
Agree with most of what you said regarding sponsorship, except for the point re: minimum salary. I don't think it'll back fire any more so than with pro-continental team. I mean, other than Skils (now 1t4l or whatever they are called), EuropeCar, and Cofidis, how many can you name? i can actually think of quite a few more, but they are obscure.
Whether it's a good investment for the sponsor is a completely different kettle of fish. The trick is convincing the sponsor it's a good investment.

The vast majority of race car drivers are either not paid, paid with purse money only or actually bringing money (personal or through sponsors) for the privilege of driving. If they all of the sudden demanded a minimum salary from the teams they simply would not drive and the fields would shrink. Very few are worth justifiably paying a salary. If they are and they're young, then they'll get better rides until they do get paid. If they are already at a high level, and worth paying, then they'll get the money. Ultimately, market forces win.

I worked for one guy that was reasonably good, but not a true professional. He was paying to be the driver (Billionaire father). He would whinge about "We need to find sponsorship. I don't know how long I can do this. I can't afford to keep doing this." I always thought to myself, "I can't afford it either, but the difference between us is that I don't expect to be racing every other weekend."
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