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Originally Posted by hammy56 View Post

Im included...Im only a part-time bike racer. Probably a cat4, masters fodder for life. And I dont know ****. However Im not one of the '33 sycophants' who pretends to know ****...Theres a few guys here who know bike racing, youre probably one of them.
Allegedly. Though we don't correspond outside of the forum as I do with some others one difference that I may bring is that I speak very honestly (sometimes too honestly) about what it takes to get there, the stuff that goes above and beyond the regular training aspects of racing and talk about the other sacrifices that one must make to get there and stay there. My inability to recognize how this hurt others in my life ended my racelife and as I have said before I apologized to some fellow racers as well as USAC for some of my actions. A big difference when I race is I cannot imagine losing. I made it clear that had I raced in 2011 there were certain targets I had and come hell or highwater I was not to disappoint myself. I am a really nice guy off the bike and while training, come raceday I am a complete d-bag and will defend my lines at all costs. Until you get to that mindset it is difficult to understand and some here do I believe.
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