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I posted a message to this topic stating that I just purchased a Trek 2300 with Rolf vector Comps. I noticed a creak right away on my front wheel. It was just a week old and I took it into my local dealer. I also emailed Rolf directly with my concerns and the information I was reading about on this forum. Since then I got my bike back from the shop and he elimiated the noise for now by lubing the nipples. I have riddin over a 100 miles and the noise has not returned. I also received an email form Rolf which I will include now.

Thanks for writing in !

We have seen a smal batch of VComp front wheels that creak. It seems as
though the noise is coming from between the end caps and the axle. We have
designed a new end cap that will eliminate the noise. This will be a running
change and will be implemented on the newer wheels. The new part will fit on
the old wheel. Please have your dealer contact me directly.
Chris Shaw
Gary Fisher/LeMond/Rolf Wheels Technical Advisor
Trek Mid West Mountain Bike Race Team Manager

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