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Originally Posted by 3kmi View Post
Or get Praxxis/Stronglight rings to drop weight and improve shifting
Don't think there is natively anything wrong with Specialized crank chainrings...many run them with Campy running gear. There maybe a slight difference however in chainring spacing if running a 11s Campy driveline. I just checked the Specialized crank service manual and it doesn't look like chainring spacing can be decreased based upon fixed spider flange width which dictates spacing between rings.

Edit: I poked around the web a bit more. Seems as though Zinn and a few others I tend to believe say that the slightly narrower 11s chain is not a problem with running 10s crank spider width. Ideally, you would prefer 11s Campy spider spacing but apparently many run different brand of 10s cranks with 11s Campy drivelines without issue. Other nuance is...11s Campy chainrings for some reason are narrower. I am not sure why that would be as my understanding is the internal chain link window width is unaffected but perhaps it is for 11s and made a bit narrower. In any event, many seem to be running non Campy 10s cranks on 11s Campy drivelines with no prob.

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