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Campagnolo Chorus caliper "rebuild" tutorial with pictures

Not sure if this actually qualifies as a "rebuild", but it was the best word I could come up with.

I am in the middle of my Canopus rebuild and I recently received the group that will get hung on the bike. As part of the group, I received a set of Campy calipers that needed some minor work. The more significant was the pads were well worn and hard, that and the calipers were a bit stiff and gritty in movement.

Being the adventurous soul I am, I decided to rebuild them while I wait on the frame.

The first picture shows the parts and caliper before use along with the tools I used (most of them). The LA's Totally Awesome cleaner is a wonderful degreaser for cleaning bike parts, it can be found at your local Dolllar Tree store.

The next picture shows removal of the brake pads since we will be replacing the inserts first.

The next shows the wear of the old pads vs. the new Kool Stop pads I picked up.

The first step to remove the old pad is insert a small screwdriver next to the pad and the holder...

... and twist. It starts to push out the pad.

You then continue to use leverage to keep puching it out. Some are really tight and others less so.

At the point that you have a bit exposed, you can grasp the pad with pliers and continue to pull it out.

A word of caution, these pads have a nut inside them that is just sitting there. Once it is exposed, it will just fall out.

To be continued...
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