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At this point, you should be able to just pop out the section.

Using the flat tip, clean out the bottom of the cut.

Checking for fit. I didn't make the cut wide enough...

...so I had to widen a bit. I prefer this to trying to figure out how to put some back.

Now it fits flush. This is obviously necessary to prevent the pad from bulging out in the center.

Now we start to put the new pad in. Wet down the pad and holder since water is a good lubricant for rubber. You can start the pad without the retaining nut.

Once you get the pad in up to the notch for the nut, hold it in place and continue inserting the pad.

Once in, align the holes in the rear. A little judicious use of a rubber mallet helps a bit here.

The fruits of our labors.

To be continued...
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