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Here is the response I received from the officers direct commander in charge..
(Not the Chief of Police), but I'll take what I can get.

This is Sgt. with the Police Dept. *I am in receipt of your letter to the Chief about your recent encounter on a traffic stop with Ofc. *I appreciate the reference material you have provided and will re-educate my officers on the Statutes pertaining to electric powered bicycles. *I understand you were frustrated and inconvenienced, and I apologize that you feel you have had a negative experience with the Police Dept. however, I have spoken to the officer in this matter and any issues have been resolved. *I assure you, that all Police Officers are trained professionals and that any officer you meet will act with professionalism in accordance with their duties.
In addition I apologize for the informality of an email but there was no telephone number listed on your letter or I would have contacted you by phone. *Should you have any concerns in the future please feel free to contact the Police Dept. *************
(There was a phone number, but no biggie).*

I also called the Sgt and spoke with him for about 15 mins explaining why I sent the letter and he was very apologetic (as best can be done by a police officer, so I applaud him for that) for the way I was treated.*
(And yes, as everyone guessed, (and in my opinion, was inferred, by the Sgt) that when I "corrected" the original officer, he didn't like it and that's when he started with the confrontational attitude..)
I was assured that during their next roll call, a memo regarding electric bicycles will be brought up..

So.. I'm happy so far..

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