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LBS bike tryout policies?

I've been shopping around for a new "store-bought" mid-to-high end bike, rather than the old-school steel & aluminum bikes I've acquired or built up. I can appreciate the subtleties in fit, ride quality, handling, wheels, etc. enough to know a short test ride in a parking lot isn't really enough to make an informed choice.

Several bikes shops in my area will let you take a bike out for a test ride, one will even let you take it for the day. But one that has a bike I like (and won't find anywhere else) told me I couldn't take it out of the parking lot, wouldn't let it out of their sight (less than $2k bike).

What's the consensus- make sure you get a real test before you buy? Don't buy from an LBS that won't allow that? Or pay your money and take your chances?
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