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Originally Posted by radarek View Post
Hi onespeedbiker, thanks for your prompt reply. I think my derailleur is really Super Record, because at one time I've used (till I destroyed it when disassembling) my Regina freewheel that had 28T sprocket. How much such a plate can cost and where should I look to get it. At age of 68+ I'm trying to get the lowest gear I can for the hilly centuries, like the SCCC. I even got a third (custom) chainring in front with 36T done by Al Budris many years ago when he was an owner of CycleCraft a bike store in Cupertino, CA. He was amazing guy.
26T was just a minimum max cog, depending how long the derailleur hanger was and as FBinNY said you can play with the chain length. If you derailleur was a Super Record it would have said Super Record not Nuovo Record. From the 1960's through the 1980's Campagnolo made basically four rear derailleurs, the Nuovo Record, Super Record, Gran Sport and Ralley (3450 & 3550 & 3450 NG). Pretty much all the parts of these three models were interchangeable. If you check ebay you will find Super Record Cages or a Super Record derailleur which you can use or just swap the cages; I've the this exchang with both NR and Nuovo Gran Sport http://vintagecampagnoloforum.blogsp...age-super.html I would not try the same thing with a Rally however. The first generation Rally (3450) worked very well, but had a drop parallelogram. Campy fanatics cringed at the drop parallelogram, looking too much like the Japanese slant parallelogram, so it was scraped for a non-drop parallelogram version (3550), which resulted in one of the worst shifting rear derailleurs Campy ever made. They finally
reinstated a New Generation 3450 with a return to the drop parallelogram, but it had a limited run and didn't even show in the catalogs. As it had already being replaced with Triomphe/Victory LX models.

Anyway to make a long story even longer, if you want some extra love in the max cog department, and you want to stay in the Nuovo Record era a 3450 derailleur is your best bet. However, if you move a few years up to C-Record there are a lot of better choices. The Triomphe/Victory LX take a 32T but they are very hard to find. Better a standard Victory (version 3/ 30T max); you'll know if from the earlier versions because it has the Campagnolo script across the front, while the others just have the Campy shield and are the ugliest things Campy ever made http://www.ebay.com/itm/Campagnolo-V...item2a19474db9. The C-Record Campy also introduced, with the exception of the Triomphe, a "b angle" adjustment, making to easier to dial in larger cogs. The Victory has a Max cog of 30T (the LX-32T). There are also C-Record era Athena and Chorus; Athena (30T) has the same b adjustment bushing gizmo as the Victory (if you decide to buy one make sure it's there as they are not available as a spare part). The Chorus is the first drop parallelogram since Rally and has an A or B mode. The A mode is for a straight pull parallelogram with a 30T max and a B mode that creates the first slant parallelogram Campagnolo ever designed (32T) and became the prototype for Campy's future slant parallelogram derailleurs; it also included the first bolt adjusted B angle adjuster by Campy.

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