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Originally Posted by metalheart44 View Post
I don't have problems with the unit acquiring satellites if I turn it on while stationary, but the past couple of days (it has been overcast) on my regular ride the unit has under-reported mileage and on examining the route, it seems to have lost signal at a couple of points and used something like dead reckoning to plot the route between loosing and regaining signal. That shows that I went across the river a couple of times and to the best of my recollection that did not happen ) Maybe it was the solar flare that caused this since I have not had the same problem on other overcast days along the same route
Weather really does not affect GPS. Solar flares will. You really have to figure out how many sats are overhead if you have bad problems during certain parts of the day. Do not turn your GPS unit on until you get outside. I know many poeple say to stay still to get a fix but I don't see any difference. I also live in central CA and its flat and open to space most everywhere.


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