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How long does it last? - Bottom Bracket

Hello everyone,

Even though this IS a technical question, I've posted it here in the Clydes/Athenas section since our parts might be prone to a bit more wear and tear...

How long does your bottom brackets last for?

I commute to work daily with my bike and since the last time I changed my bottom bracket (factory defect) I've logged in around 1000km (about 650 miles). Please keep in mind that the bottom bracket I have is a Shimano UN26 (68x113) with the plastic cup on one side, and during the last few days I've felt the B/B loosen a bit. So far I've checked the pedals and cranks for play: negative, and have had a fellow cyclist which knows his stuff check out the bottom bracket which he said had a tiny bit of play.

I will take the bike to my LBS on Monday and see if it needs some tightening, but from past experience it feels like it's failing, and since I don't mash on the cranks or ride hard, I believe that it should have lasted a bit longer.

Also, can someone recommend a better quality alternative to the UN26 which would be compatible?


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