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Originally Posted by Telly View Post
Hello again Mr. Beanz,
Since I don't have the proper tools to check out the B/B, I've arranged to take the bike to my LBS on Monday and have it checked, although the UN26 doesn't have any other adjustments; just slip it in and torque to 50-70Nm [I](of which I HIGHLY DOUBT my previous LBS did since I never witnessed the use of a torque wrench in his shop)
I was in the same sit not having the tool. The work is easy but with several types of BB's on 10 (max bikes) I wasn't about to buy a tool for every one knowing it was not cost effective. So I know where you are coming from. I did buy the tool for my latest bike since I wanted it done right.

As per RollCNY's advice, most times when I go to the shop I am lucky enough to witness the work. I will tell the mechanic "can you please be sure to tighten blah blah blah evenly, please. I know it will be more effective blah blah blah". Let them politely know you know what's up.

When I had mine done, I had never done it myself or had the valuable advice of forum members on the issue. Now you know so let em know you're informed on the matter.
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