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Today has been fun so far!

I called in to work today with a terrible case of nice warm weather. My boss laughed and thanked me for not faking an illness to get out of work. We gotta save hours anyway. I did stop by to get everyone coffee, and to rub in their faces that I'm out and about in the nice warm weather.

It's about 16 out right now with some strong winds. People are out there walking around in their winter jackets and hats and I'm biking around in my shorts and t-shirt. I'm loving it! The only problem is the debris from the wind we've been having lately. A lot of trees have broken branches or have simply fallen over completely.

So far I've done about 13k, taking it slow for the first day, and I plan to do a bit more before the day is over. I might not be breaking any speed records but I'm riding in to strong winds, so that helps. I've gone out only a handful of times in the last couple months, so best not to push myself too hard and pull something.

Anyway, just thought I'd nip on and post this quickly. I gotta get back out before I lose the light!
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