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1.) The statute is Chapter 316.003 (2). You can just go to the Florida state website and look up the statutes from the main page... (It's under "Title XXIII - Motor Vehicles")

2.) email me at sangesf@aol.com and I'll send you a copy of the DMV letter (in PDF form - with my Name/Address removed)..

3.) The letter from the Sargent isn't going to help you unless you live or ride through that town..
(It's in Palm Beach County)

Also mind you, that my bicycle is INCAPABLE of speeds greater than 20mph and can be proven as such, at the whim of any police officer... If your's IS CAPABLE of speeds greater than 20mph ("capable" is the operative word.. That doesn't mean, you're just riding it slower than 20), then it's NOT considered a regular bicycle and none of the items above will help you.
(i.e. If you're running anything higher than 36v 500w (36v-15a controller), then unless you limit it somehow, you're not gonna be legal..)
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