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I played hookie in the middle of the day to take a ride down to the Cathedral in Newark. I just bought an early '70s Raleigh Record, which was their bottom-of-the-line drop bar bike back in the day. (I wanted a bike that was lighter and more nimble than my 43 lb errand bike, but that I wouldn't be nervous about riding around in Newark, locking up on the street, etc.) This was its maiden voyage, and boy, did riding a steel 10-speed bring back memories! (Good memories...)

It was windy! I felt like I was pedaling uphill on the downhills. (It was nice to have the wind at my back on the way home, though!)

I learned something: I put a bunch of effort into turning my old Specialized Hardrock into an upright-riding errand bike, with a sprung saddle, a stem extender, trekking bars, etc. This old 10-speed has a rock hard leather saddle on it, but I'm stretched out pretty well, and not at all upright ... and it's more comfortable than the springy saddle (except for the soreness around the sit-bones). I think being stretched out and forward takes a bunch of weight off the "taint" and puts it squarely on the sit-bones, which eliminates the need to stand up and let the blood circulate once every minute or so.

I like the upright ride of the errand bike in downtown traffic - I can keep track of what's going on much better than on either road bike. But I'm thinking of switching to a hard (maybe still sprung) saddle...
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