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Originally Posted by eepok View Post
I grew up in Southern California (Inland Empire) quite poor so there was never the expectation of being a youngin' with a car. I (inline) skated, biked, walked, took the bus, or carpooled everywhere. I went to college in Orange County and while I worked for extra money, I never considered putting it towards the cost of a car, insurance, and gas. It would have been just too large of an expense. When I finished undergrad, I continued to get along just fine walking, taking transit, and carpooling (yes, even in Orange County) in my professional life. As fate would have it, I stumbled across a career that I can philosophically support and actually spotlights my car-free life.

I'm pushing 30 years old and have still never even had a driver's license. At least 99% of my yearly solo miles are by bike with the other miles made up by bus and train. How? I'm not particularly fit (6'1", 225lbs.) nor do I collect the perfect bikes for the perfect situation. Instead, I have a single very utilitarian hybrid, panniers, great bike education, and have sufficiently trapped myself in a life that requires I ride my bike. I use the money I save from not owning a car to make up for the increase of living near my work (only 3 miles away) and use that extra time that people would otherwise use commuting to be happy with my partner.
Welcome to the forum! I like the way you've worked hard and followed your own vision with great success. I keep thinking of the term "American Dream" for some reason as I read this post.

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