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If the new tires fit, it will be both up and down. You'll be getting nominally better flat protection. Your ride quality will take a dramatic down turn. The clincher is the width of the rim itself. I defer to the wisdom of Sheldon. http://sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html 700c rims do come in a wide range of widths. Sorry, but you have to remove a tire from a rim in order to measure it yourself. I had thought about going to 25mm tires onto my 29r rims. I settled for 28mm and that's about as narrow a tire as my rims will take. The rims on my bike are 27mm wide on the inside of flange. I like this because there is virtually no sidewall bulging out beyond the rim. I have been using Panasonic RibMo tires for a couple of years now. I moved from 32mm Ribmos to 28mm Ribmos. The ride quality was definitely worse. That's the physics lesson in all of this. The larger the inner tube, the more suspension travel you have.
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