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Hed 3 and Specialized Tripsoke

I lumped these wheels together as they are essentially the same wheel.

- Hed version is relatively lightweight. Older Specialized models are heavier.
- Great aerodynamics.
- Available in a deep version if you want a more aerodynamic wheel.
- Can be had in carbon tubular, or aluminum hooped clincher versions. Older models also came in aluminum rimmed tubular.
- Good wheel for light to medium riders on all but the tightest tracks.
- Uses cartridge bearings, so maintenance/replacement is easy.

- A little mushy under heavier/stronger riders (190lbs and over, or big sprinter types)
- Not the lightest option available.
- Not the strongest wheel available. Have damaged two front wheels in crashes (I weigh 200lbs)
- G forces on tight tracks cause funky steering in bends.

Hed Disc
- Can be found used relatively cheaply.
- Older models are good for freewheels and track cogs. Just use a bottom bracket lockring for a track cog.
- Aluminum rimmed. Can easily double duty for road use. Good one disc solution if you can only afford one wheel that needs to do it all.
- Relatively light as it is hollow and lenticular. Each skin is made of a carbon/foam/carbon sandwich.
- HUGE valve access hole, no need for elbow adapters.
- Great for lighter to medium weight riders.
- Cartridge bearing for ease of maintenance.

- Relatively flexy compared to most other discs.
- Design is dated compared to newer options.
- Not good for bigger/more powerful riders.

Corima Disc
- Stiffer than Hed Disc and Zipp 900.
- Comes in an ultra stiff High Modulus version. Good for bigger/powerful riders or tandems.
- Durable.

- If you want to purchase, relatively hard to find.
- Not the lightest disc out there, but not that much heavier than Zipp.

Corima 4 Spoke
- Like the disc, can be had in ultra stiff version.
- Much stiffer than Hed 3.
- Proven equipment choice at the World Cup level.
- Good for outdoor tracks as rim depth in shallower than most composite wheels.
-Visible mold flash lines. Not a structural problem, but this may bother some.
- May be too stiff for lighter riders on bumpy tracks.
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