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The Corima 4 spoke is a fast wheel. I've never ridden 808's, 1080's or Io's so I can't compare to them. They are a quick wheel that spins up fast because of the shallower rim depth. As far as the mold flashing being structural, I couldn't tell you for sure. It's not something that I would file off, as the carbon fibers on the seemed to make it's way into the flash to some degree. This could be an optical illusion due to clear coat over the carbon distorting how it looks. I've never taken a file to it, and wouldn't recommend it. If it has any effect on aerodynamics, I thing that it would be negligible. The french national sprint team used to win races all the time with these wheels so they definitely are performers.

And the mushy Trispoke thing, that's only an issue for large riders, or tight tracks. I think that they are a great first purchase for an aero wheel if you can find them used. Buy an older rear wheel and you can swap out the axles to use as a front wheel, track wheel, or road TT rear. Once up to speed they are really fast, it's just that you'll waste some energy getting there compared to some of the newer wheels.

My first aero set up that I had was a Trispoke/Hed disc combo. I got the pair of them for $375 total in almost perfect condition. I was a junior who weight 165 lbs and couldn't tell them apart from any of the stronger wheels that I had been borrowing up until I started to get stronger and break 185lbs.

And remember that no matter what wheels you get the psychological benefit will be greater that the advantage gained through their improved physics. I've gone faster on wheels that have felt slow, and done PB F200's on wire spoke 36's. My fastest Kilo was done with a Trispoke on the front at Rochester Hills. I had an old 404 on the back for that one. The fastest wheel is the one that will match your riding style, events, and facility the best. Enduro's love Trispokes, Sprinters hate em. A Corima on a wide smooth outdoor track is perfect for just about anyone. 32/36 wire spoked Deep V wheels are almost as fast as 808's at FCV. An 808 or 1080 wheelset won't do you any good if the handling aspects of that wheel start to scare you, causing you to hold yourself back. If you know what your goals are and your track, than the info in a thread like this will steer you to your ideal wheel.

And thanks Carleton for getting the bright idea to start a thread like this. Useful for sure, as I remember wishing I had something like this but dealing with which tires are recommended for certain tracks.

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