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Originally Posted by buzzbee View Post
I'm still working on the theory that cross training will help, the question is: how much do you need. I started adding 1 mile of running during my morning bike commute, giving me 30 miles cycling and 1 mile running per day. I also started to stand on the pedals 25% of the time. After about a month, it has not really helped so far with the downhill leg pain, but I will try a few more months.
Some will say that's not enough cross training, but it would be impossible for my schedule to spend 2 hours of cycling and 1 hour of running per day.
BTW, I get the leg pain hiking down hill (say Sunday) after a day of rest, I do not get the pain hiking without a day of rest (say Saturday). Why is that?

For me, after >3 years of daily stretches, the pain has got a bit better.
My work around when it happens is to stop and stretch the quads and hamstrings for 1-2 minutes, walk on, and repeat as needed.... There is still pain, but it seems to reach a limit that I can take.
So, in the end, is there one answer? Probably not.
Yup, same as me, after a day or two off the bike, I get an attack while randomly walking downhill or steps. Maybe the answer is to not rest at all? An hour on the turbo when it's absolutely chucking it down outside when the car is the only option to commute? I will test this theory, watch this space........
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